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Each individual staff member requiring access to the IS Portal will be required to register for a Standard AUSkey. This brief set of instructions aims to break down the process of setting up an AUSkey for your service into simple steps with basic information to guide you through the process.

A simple guide to obtaining AUSkey and IS Portal access

Some useful links:


Accessing the IS Portal 

IS Portal user guide

Please note: you can only access the IS Portal via your AUSkey browser. There are some default browser issues with using the AUSkey browser. You can view a list of which browser types will work here.

1. Once you have opened the AUSkey browser (this is located in the top level of your AUSKey folder), you will need to go to the Inclusion Development Fund Manager website at

2. On the IDFM home page click on the 'Services' button at top right which will take you to the Inclusion Support Portal on the Department of Education and Training website where you can log in.

The Inclusion Support Portal is where all information will be stored for services accessing the Inclusion Support Programme. This will include the very important document called a Strategic Inclusion Plan which will be created in collaboration with an Inclusion Consultant.

Link to the Inclusion Development Fund Manager Website This website has information about the available funding streams and helpful resources. The IDFM determines all applications for funding, including Time limited Support, the Additional Educator subsidy and the Innovative Solutions fund.


Some tips and tricks

  • When you download AusKey it downloads onto one computer and does not transfer between computers. therefore you need to complete the download on the computer from which you will be accessing the Inclusion Support Portal. You can ask someone with IT knowledge to download or transfer AusKey files onto a USB which means you will be able to use it on any computer.
  • When completing information in the Strategic Inclusion Plan on the IS Portal, copy and paste your work into a Word document in case anything happens - i.e. a Portal glitch, or forgetting to save.
  • Each staff member requiring an AusKey must have a unique email address (ie not a generic admin@ type of email).