Holistic Approaches and Supportive Practices - our Learning in Working with Children in Foster Care

When working with children who are in kinship and foster care arrangements we use relationship based approaches including primary care giving and trauma informed practice to support the child and family. Attachment theory and the Circle of Security informs our work.

Sometimes we find our educators need further support with their practices and we recently engaged in a Filial Therapy project with a play therapist. This presentation shares a presentation including a case study and that was provided for the National Foster and Kindship Care conference in 2021. This presentation shares how the reflective approach, meetings with all the providers engaged in supporting the child and new knowledge gained by educators provided an environment that worked with the family and child in a successful partnership.

Lyndsay Healy: Lyndsay has over 10 years experience working within many roles at Gowrie SA including Kindergarten Teacher, Project Officer and Director. She is passionate about children’s voices, advocating for high quality education and care and supporting professional growth and reflective capacity. Lyndsay has a Graduate Certificate in Leadership (Early Childhood) and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

Justin McArthur: Justin has worked with children for close to 20 years, from primary school age to early childhood and has been a part of Gowrie’s community for 5 years. Justin has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Justin is also a facilitator of the Circle of Security-Parenting program. Justin has a great passion for working with children who have additional rights and feels privileged to be a part of their journey.

Facilitators: Lyndsay Healy and Justin McArthur

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