Gowrie South Australia

Gowrie SA is a community based organisation leading the development of innovative and responsive services for children and families, building leadership capacity in the wider community. The Lady Gowrie Child Centre Inc (Adelaide) was established in 1940 as a demonstration and model child and family centre and continues to lead the development of innovative and responsive services for the education and care sectors.

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Now known as Gowrie SA, we remain committed to our founding values.

The rights, wellbeing and learning of all children, families and educators are at the heart of our vision for early childhood.

Gowrie SA is a community based, non-profit incorporated association governed by a Board of voluntary directors.

We offer:

  • Child care and kindergarten programs with an emphasis on wellbeing and learning
  • Professional learning, resource and consultancy programs
  • Inclusion support
  • Parenting support

Our programs are developed through incorporating the latest research and our own internal inquiry-based practice.

This means that our services are dependable having solid foundations in both theory and practice.