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Understanding children’s behaviour

Utilising the principle of reflective practice, this session will inspire and motivate you in your work to support children to make sense of their behaviour.

Wed, 24th Jul Event Info
R for Responsibility, A for Accountability

How a team functions is dependent on both of these important factors. Come and find out how to ensure things get prioritised and actioned and ban the excuses!

Thu, 25th Jul Event Info
MTOP v2.0 What you need to know

In this session you will learn all you need to know about v2.0 of the MTOP learning framework.

Mon, 29th Jul Event Info
Unpacking Quality Area 1: Educational Program and Practice

Are we documenting in the same way as others? How do we ensure that each child is visible in the planning cycle?

Mon, 5th Aug Event Info
Feedback culture

In this session we will help you understand the role feedback can have in building a great team and a successful service.

Wed, 7th Aug Event Info
Putting Your Best Foot Forward in the Assessment and Rating Process: The Self-Assessment

Are you a Director, Educational Leader or Nominated Supervisor who is struggling to know where to start with the ACECQA Self-Assessment Tool?

Fri, 9th Aug Event Info
Floorbooks - Planning with and for children

Join this introductory session about the benefits of using Floorbooks as an intentional pedagogical process to plan with and for children.

Fri, 9th Aug Event Info
For Directors/Leaders - Navigating your Team through the New Learning Frameworks

The biggest change since the introduction of the NQF is here.

Mon, 12th Aug Event Info
Performance appraisals and performance management - what's the difference?

Learn about the benefits of using quality performance appraisals that create reflection and goal setting without the unpleasant feeling among yourself and your team.

Tue, 20th Aug Event Info
Active Supervision for early years

Explore the role of teamwork and communication and the development of supervision plans for your service.

Thu, 22nd Aug Event Info
OSHC Series: The role of the nominated supervisor in OSHC

This session is aimed at people new to the role of Nominated Supervisor.

Thu, 29th Aug Event Info
‘Becoming an OSHC Director’ (2 part session)

‘Becoming’ an OSHC Director is exciting and challenging. You may be newly appointed or considering this as a career option.

Mon, 2nd Sep Event Info
Unpacking Quality Area 2: Children's Health and Safety

Come along and ask questions, engage with educators and critically reflect in QA2 to ensure you are prepared for Assessment and Rating.

Tue, 3rd Sep Event Info
Grant writing

This session is for services looking to secure grant funding to support programs and initiatives that improve learning and development outcomes for children.

Mon, 9th Sep Event Info
Circle of Security Classroom

Education professionals benefit from guidance on how to promote secure attachment relationships with children in their program/classroom.

Wed, 11th Sep Event Info
Supporting young children who have experienced trauma

This session is designed for educators who work with children who have experienced Trauma. We will discuss and learn how trauma affects the brain.

Thu, 12th Sep Event Info
Gearing up for group time success

This session will look at how to plan for and implement group times that engage children, address challenges and provide opportunities for reflection.

Thu, 19th Sep Event Info
Moving from provisional to full registration - what do I need to know and do?

This session is for ECTs and Directors and is aimed at providing an overview of how to navigate the transition from provisional to full teachers registration.

Tue, 24th Sep Event Info
Exploring autism and neurodiversity

Develop a deeper understanding of the autism spectrum, consider any barriers to learning that exist within your environment and explore resources available.

Wed, 25th Sep Event Info
Setting the scene - Storytables

This session offers the opportunity to understand the ability to use books and props to support children’s multimodal literacy engagement.

Fri, 4th Oct Event Info
How to introduce visuals!

Visuals are considered a useful tool to support children’s communication and behaviour. However, what makes visuals effective and what is the best way to introduce them?

Wed, 16th Oct Event Info
Sustainability for with and about

Three levels of sustainability - environment, social and economic. Come along to a hands on day exploring everything Sustainability!

Thu, 17th Oct Event Info
Building Meaningful Connections: Respectful Teaching with Infants and Toddlers

As educators belonging is at the centre of our curriculum; we value secure relationships and a culture of connectedness and continuity in our learning environments.

Mon, 21st Oct Event Info
Unpacking Quality Area 3: Physical Environment

Come learn about inclusive environments, indoor and outdoor play, quality experiences and developing an attitude of environmental responsibility!

Tue, 22nd Oct Event Info
OSHC series- Active supervision in OSHC including excursions and vacation programs

This session is aimed at educators looking to enhance supervision within their services.

Wed, 23rd Oct Event Info
Polishing your policies

Come along and find out how our HR Advisor makes the policy review cycle manageable and engages all stakeholders in the process.

Mon, 28th Oct Event Info
Playful Minds: Embedding Fleer's Conceptual PlayWorlds in Educational Planning

Come and learn about embedding Fleer's Conceptual PlayWorlds, a play based, intentional teaching approach.

Wed, 30th Oct Event Info
Floorbooks - the Planning Cycle

Join Briony Brooks, in this session about the benefits of using Floorbooks as a working document in the planning cycle.

Fri, 1st Nov Event Info
EYLF v2.0 What you need to know

In this session you will you learn all you need to know about v2.0 of the learning framework.

Tue, 5th Nov Event Info
Walk on Kaurna and Peramangk Country

Join Elder Uncle Ivan-Tiwu Copley on a cultural walk at Woorabinda Bushland Reserve

Wed, 6th Nov Event Info
Understanding older children's behaviour (OSHC focus)

This session will inspire and motivate you in your work to support children to make sense of their behaviour whilst meeting your goals of building strong relationships.

Thu, 7th Nov Event Info
Yellaka Warra- Group 1

Today's word - Group 1- Kaurna for educators working on Kaurna Country with Uncle Tamaru Smith from Deadly Mob & Jess Shaw.

Fri, 8th Nov Event Info
Yellaka Warra - Group 2

Today's word - Group 2- Kaurna for educators working on Kaurna Country with Uncle Tamaru Smith from Deadly Mob & Jess Shaw.

Fri, 8th Nov Event Info
Unlocking Early Literacy and Numeracy Learning through Play and the Everyday: An Exploration of the Four Resources Model

In this hands-on session we will use The Four Resources Model to notice, recognise and respond to literacy and numeracy learning opportunities, through play and the everyday!

Mon, 11th Nov Event Info
MTOP v2.0 What you need to know

In this session you will learn all you need to know about v2.0 of the MTOP learning framework.

Tue, 19th Nov Event Info
Cooking up a storm

A special session just for cooks! Step out of the kitchen and into this fun educational networking session.

Wed, 20th Nov Event Info
Unpacking Quality Area 4: Staffing Arrangements

Find out about how to manage continuity of staff, how to foster professionalism and how professional standards can guide practice.

Thu, 21st Nov Event Info
Developing Acknowledgements with children

One way of contributing to creating culturally safe environments is to embed Acknowledgements into your programs.

Wed, 27th Nov Event Info
Childhood Trauma and Behaviour: Responsive Pedagogies for safe and joyful learning

Join us in a 4 part series to explore the interconnected nature of Children’s Trauma, behaviour and development.

Mon, 3rd Feb Event Info
How's your utilisation?

Spend the day learning simple marketing and digital marketing principles and techniques to develop a marketing plan that supports your service viability!

Thu, 6th Feb Event Info
MTOP v2.0 What you need to know

In this session you will learn all you need to know about v2.0 of the MTOP learning framework.

Mon, 10th Feb Event Info
EYLF v2.0 What you need to know

In this session you will you learn all you need to know about v2.0 of the learning framework.

Mon, 10th Feb Event Info
Observations debunked!

In this popular session we will unpack and articulate the purpose of observations, gain insight into the when, how and what to notice and write about children.

Tue, 11th Feb Event Info
Unpacking Quality Area 5: Relationships with children

Explore responsive and meaningful interactions, how to support the dignity and rights of children and how to provide opportunities for collaborative learning.

Thu, 13th Feb Event Info
‘Becoming’ a new director - 4 part series

‘Becoming’ a new director is exciting and challenging. We can set you off on a successful journey and ensure you have access to the tools and information needed.

Fri, 14th Feb Event Info
OSHC series Educational leadership in OSHC

Have you recently taken on the Educational Leader role within your OSHC service and struggling to know where to start?

Thu, 20th Feb Event Info
T.E.A.M. Development Together Educators Achieve More

Because when the emphasis is on the TEAM dynamics, together educators will and can achieve more!

Tue, 4th Mar Event Info
Nutrition impacts on behaviour

This nutritional advocacy program is designed to introduce a new way of defining and understanding the holistic benefits of healthy eating.

Wed, 5th Mar Event Info
Unpacking Quality Area 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Come along to this hands on session engaging in everything QA6. Learn about developing respectful and collaborative relationships with families and communities.

Thu, 13th Mar Event Info
Engaging with the Child safety principles

Ensure you are up to date with the strategies to minimise risks of harm and the latest recommendations.

Tue, 18th Mar Event Info
Floorbooks- Assessment ‘as learning’ and evaluation of practices through critical reflection

Join Briony Brooks, in this session about how floorbooks assist children to reflect on their own learning

Fri, 21st Mar Event Info
Sensory Learning Environments – more than just gloop

This session will support your understanding of what sensory needs children have, and how this might look in your service.

Mon, 24th Mar Event Info
Unpacking the Educational Leader’s Resource

Exploring and discussing the Educational Leader Resource (ACECQA 2019).

Tue, 25th Mar Event Info
Unpacking Quality Area 7: Governance and leadership

Come along and to this hands on session engaging in everything QA7 while enjoying the opportunity to engage and reflect with leaders in the sector

Wed, 2nd Apr Event Info
EYLF v 2 in practice

See how key changes to the EYLF, such as place-based pedagogy, embedding Reconciliation, and assessment for, as, and of learning can be implemented.

Mon, 7th Apr Event Info
Talking Trauma in Early Childhood

Come and learn about the trauma, how it impacts on children and how we, as educators, can support children within our learning environments.

Wed, 9th Apr Event Info
Identifying and challenging sacred cows in our early childhood paddocks

Identifying and challenging sacred cows in our early childhood paddocks – to improve learning and care for children.

Fri, 11th Apr Event Info
Men and Gender Diverse Individuals at Work in the Early Years

In this session we will explore how we can manage our professional boundaries using protective practices and an 'ethics of care' approach with young children and our colleagues.

Mon, 14th Apr Event Info
From simple excursions to play-based pedagogy. How to plan for children's inquiry beyond the fence and out in community.

The newly updated Early Years Learning Framework has strengthened its position on a number of pedagogical approaches.

Mon, 28th Apr Event Info
Understanding the Role of Nominated Supervisor

This session is aimed at people new to the role of Nominated Supervisor.

Tue, 29th Apr Event Info
3 year old preschool – we have time

This is a 2 part series of 3-hour sessions, designed to critically reflect on and examine what three-year-old preschool might mean for educators, children and families and beyond.

Fri, 2nd May Event Info
Special event - Programming in Practice

Come and be inspired by a range of educators within the sector, the showcasing of their programs, answering questions and provoking new wonderings!

Sat, 3rd May Event Info
OSHC series Supporting all ages in the OSHC service

Come and learn different ways of critically reflecting on your current approaches to cater for these ages.

Wed, 7th May Event Info
Unpacking the exceeding themes

Explore the resources available to support your service as you strive to demonstrate evidence that you are at exceeding level quality.

Mon, 12th May Event Info
Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in schools and early learning in practice

This session is perfect for you if you have recently started OR completed your Reconciliation journey. With guest presenter Natalie Gentle, Reconciliation South Australia

Wed, 14th May Event Info
Playful Pathways: Digital and Multimodal Learning in Early Childhood

Join us as we begin to consider the opportunities and possibilities for your learning community!

Mon, 19th May Event Info
Evaluation and critical reflection, WHAT’s the difference?

Come along to explore and learn how to embed critically reflective practice in the evaluation process to improve planning and implementation.

Thu, 29th May Event Info
Rethinking how we talk with children

Join us to examine how children experience what we’re saying.

Tue, 3rd Jun Event Info
Playing through Pop culture

This session will unpack how to facilitate the integration of popular culture, media and digital technologies which all add to children’s multimodal play.

Wed, 11th Jun Event Info
Getting your systems organised

Learn how to set up systems to ensure you are meeting your service obligations for HR compliance with the NQF and leave with a spreadsheet ready to customise.

Tue, 17th Jun Event Info
Floorbooks - Key strategies to amplify learning

Join Briony Brooks, in this session as we explore the three main strategies that make the most difference to the content of a floorbook

Fri, 20th Jun Event Info
Embracing Slow Pedagogy: Cultivating Unhurried Learning, Rituals, and Relationships

Find out what difference a ‘timefull’ approach may make to your practice in this hands-on three-hour session.

Mon, 23rd Jun Event Info