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How to 'do' literacy and numeracy authentically

This interactive session will have everyday literacy and numeracy experiences set up so participants can 'play' as well as learn.

Wed, 16th Jun Event Info
Kindy program in action - engaging children in projects

Learn how to develop project work that can engage children in deep and sustained learning across the curriculum through long and short term planning.

Fri, 18th Jun Event Info
Reggio Emilia principles in South Australian practice

How can we use the provocations from the Reggio Emilia approach to think reflectively and develop practices that support great learning for children?

Tue, 22nd Jun Event Info
‘Becoming’ a new director Part 1

‘Becoming’ a new director is exciting and challenging. We can set you off on a successful journey and ensure you have access to the tools and information needed.

Thu, 15th Jul Event Info
Getting your systems organised

Learn how to set up systems to ensure you are meeting your service obligations for HR compliance with the NQF and leave with a spreadsheet ready to customise.

Tue, 20th Jul Event Info
How to retain staff in your OSHC

Come and join Benjamin, an experienced OSHC Director, as he explores creative ways to keep staff engaged and part of your OSHC community to ensure the best outcomes for all.

Thu, 22nd Jul Event Info
How's your utilisation?

Spend the day learning simple marketing and digital marketing principles and techniques to develop a marketing plan that supports your service viability!

Tue, 3rd Aug Event Info
Understanding children’s behaviour

Utilising the principle of reflective practice, this session will inspire and motivate you in your work to support children to make sense of their behaviour.

Thu, 5th Aug Event Info
‘Becoming’ a new director Part 2

Following on from the first of these sessions we look at more responsibilities of Directors' and how to mange your time, resources and people.

Thu, 12th Aug Event Info
Assessment and Rating - The Essentials!

Come along for Q and A with an Authorised Officer

Tue, 17th Aug Event Info
What is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture? Introduction to cultural competence.

In this session you will learn how to weave Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, educational philosophies and child rearing practices in a meaningful and authentic way.

Tue, 24th Aug Event Info
Regional Zoom session: Supervision essentials

The regional Zoom series aspires to make professional learning opportunities accessible in short and information packed sessions from wherever you are located.

Mon, 30th Aug Event Info
A day with Quality Area 1

QA1. Educational Program and Practice. Come along to this hands on session engaging in everything QA1.

Tue, 31st Aug Event Info
Becoming a new OSHC director part 1

‘Becoming’ a new OSHC director is exciting and challenging. You may be newly appointed or considering this as a career option.

Wed, 1st Sep Event Info
Little Scientists: Optics workshop

Enjoy a day of lights, colours and optical illusions exploring the land of mirrors, colourful shadows and nature’s paint palette.

Thu, 2nd Sep Event Info
Becoming a new OSHC director part 2

Following on from the first session, we look at more responsibilities of OSHC directors and how to manage time, resources and people.

Wed, 15th Sep Event Info