How can Educators support fine motor development of children? | Gowrie SA

How can Educators support fine motor development of children?

Learn about children’s fine motor development in your setting and practical ways to support development.

This evidence-based 2-hour session is designed to give you an overall introduction to supporting children’s fine motor development.

The 2 hour online session will include content and information as well as discussion with the presenter and other participants.

The following aspects are covered:

  • Introduction: impact of modern lifestyles and factors on children’s fine motor development
  • The correlation between gross motor, fine motor and other developmental areas
  • Foundational principles, models, frameworks
  • Human motor development principles
  • Tuning in your observation skills in understanding a child’s fine motor development
  • Support strategies and plenty of activity ideas
  • When and where to refer onto
  • Sources and ready-to-use resources

Dr Kobie Boshoff is the facilitator of the OT Brain Trust, a network of experienced professionals supporting other professionals working in the Early Intervention space.

An occupational therapist by background, Kobie has extensive experience working with children and young people with disabilities and developmental delays, in teaching at university-level and in conducting research.

Kobie is a keen advocate of an ecological and collaborative approach in supporting children and young people: working within all surrounding environments, people and resources in the child’s life including school, home and community environments.

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