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Floorbooks - the Planning Cycle

The planning cycle describes the process educators follow in planning, documenting, responding to and supporting children’s learning…it is important to note that documentation occurs at every stage of the planning cycle’ (AGDE, 2022, p. 27). Join Briony Brooks, Claire Warden Associate Trainer, in this session about the benefits of using Floorbooks as a working document when in the hands of children and adults. Floorbooks can represent all stages of the planning cycle, from initial ideas, to observation and analysis, to intentional action, as well as the accountability to a curriculum to monitor breadth and balance.

Links to Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: (for all these sessions)

1.2 Understand how students learn

1.3 Students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds

1.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities

2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area

2.2 Content selection and organisation

2.5 Literacy and numeracy strategies

3.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs

3.3 Use teaching strategies

3.4 Select and use resources

4.1 Support student participation

5.1 Assess student learning

5.4 Interpret student data

5.5 Report on student achievement

Facilitated by: Briony Brooks

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