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What is my culture + Bringing Kaurna language into your curriculum

This is a chance to join two of our most popular culturally-focussed sessions, combined in a day of reflection and learning.

Mon, 26th Aug Event Info
How's your utilisation?

Spend the day learning simple marketing and digital marketing principles and techniques to develop a marketing plan that supports your service viability! (new session)

Wed, 28th Aug Event Info
Nature Play: More than just a trend (with guest speaker Clare Lock, Nature Street Creative)

Learn how to create authentic nature-based activies to enrich your program and empower children in your care with nature play know-how.

Tue, 3rd Sep Event Info
Building leadership capacity! What’s the big idea?

Are you a new team leader or assistant team leader in the sector? If so, then this session is for you! (new session)

Thu, 5th Sep Event Info
Why do I need to pick a leadership style...can’t I just treat everyone the same?

Explore up to 6 different leadership styles, and then work out what it might look like when you apply each style when working with staff. (new session - based on Masters research)

Thu, 5th Sep Event Info
Through the eyes of an Elder: Exploring Peramangk culture

Special guest presenter, Uncle Ivan Tiwi-Copley, Peramangk and Kaurna Elder

Mon, 9th Sep Event Info
R for Responsibility, A for Accountability

How a team functions is dependent on both of these important factors. Come and find out how to ensure things get prioritised and actioned and ban the excuses! (new session)

Wed, 11th Sep Event Info
Take a leap of faith: Risk management

Come and hear about our recent research which highlighted educators perspectives on risk and the instinctive risk management techniques children have. (new session)

Wed, 11th Sep Event Info
Understanding children’s behaviour

Utilising the principle of reflective practice, this session will inspire and motivate you in your work to support children to make sense of their behaviour (new evening session)

Wed, 11th Sep Event Info
We’re in this together!

Join Dr Kaye Colmer to explore the essential capabilities required for directors and team leaders to work collaboratively (new session - based on PhD research)

Fri, 13th Sep Event Info
The power of collaboration

One of the most powerful ways to foster critical reflection and change is through the provision of time for professional conversations and dialogue. (new session)

Tue, 17th Sep Event Info
Who knows best? Who decides what works for children?

Come and hear about ways in our practice, to authentically seek and listen to the perspectives of children. (new session)

Thu, 19th Sep Event Info
Being an effective educator: Infant and toddler

How do we ensure that we are planning effectively for infants and toddlers to support their wellbeing and development as well as document it? (new session)

Thu, 26th Sep Event Info
Little Scientists: STEM Water Workshop

Have you ever met a child who is not fascinated by water? From ice blocks to raindrops, children love to explore water from an early age.

Thu, 3rd Oct Event Info
Cultural competence (2 day)

Are there children in your service who you worry might need more from you but you are not sure what this looks like? If so, join this two day session that will fill in the gaps.

Tue, 8th Oct Event Info
Balancing the books: Financial management for directors

Are you responsible for managing finances in your service? Are you unsure about your responsibilities or where to seek help?

Wed, 9th Oct Event Info
How to introduce visuals into your service

This session, presented by speech pathologist, Claudia Bellardino, has been specifically developed for educators to better understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of visuals. (new session)

Thu, 10th Oct Event Info
Circle of Security Parenting

Gowrie SA offers the Circle of Security Parenting program, consisting of weekly 1.5 hour sessions held over 8 weeks at our Thebarton site.

Thu, 10th Oct Event Info
Cooking with bush tucker

Explore bush tucker foods and flavours at Niina Marni Cafe and discover their source through a guided bush tucker walk with guest presenter Nadia Matko! (for educators and cooks)

Mon, 14th Oct Event Info
Making the most of your time

Find out how to make the most of time, how to recognise what gets in the way of being productive and how to work smarter within the demands on you. (new session)

Thu, 17th Oct Event Info
Happy birthday Learning Frameworks!

Come along to celebrate this milestone in quality improvement for Australian education and care with us. (new session)

Mon, 21st Oct Event Info
Growing team knowledge about pedagogical documentation

Find out how you can use resource 'Pedagogical Documentation: A South Australian Perspective' to support your team to inform your practice in rich and meaningful ways (new session)

Fri, 25th Oct Event Info
Introduction to Torres Strait Islander culture, history and dance

Come and join Torres Strait Islander, Elder Uncle Eddie Peters, for an insight into Torres Strait Islander culture through an exploration of dance, history and language. (new)

Mon, 28th Oct Event Info
Exploring the lived experience of autism and neurodiversity

Come and hear occupational therapist Brianna Gourley, as she explores how children experience living with autism and neurodiversity. (new session)

Wed, 6th Nov Event Info
Moving from provisional to full registration - what do I need to know and do?

This session is for ECTs and Directors and is aimed at providing an overview of how to navigate the transition from provisional to full teachers registration. (new session)

Fri, 8th Nov Event Info
Observations debunked!

In this popular session we will unpack and articulate the purpose of observations, gain insight into the when, how and what to notice and write about children.

Tue, 12th Nov Event Info
QIP + RAP = Value

Come and learn about how your Reconciliation Action Plan and QIP can inform each other in order to create improved outcomes for ALL children.

Thu, 14th Nov Event Info
Leading for critical reflection

How do you lead your team in professional learning? Discover resources and packages that you can use to build your confidence in leading the learning in your team. (new session)

Thu, 14th Nov Event Info
Learning from children

Come and hear wonderful insights and learning from the South Australian Collaborative Childhood Birth-3 Project research. (new session)

Fri, 15th Nov Event Info
Understanding children’s behaviour

Utilising the principle of reflective practice, this session will inspire and motivate you in your work to support children to make sense of their behaviour.

Tue, 19th Nov Event Info
The power of influence - understanding how you influence others

Did you know that as a leader you have amazing influence whether you are aware of it or not? Join Dr Kaye Colmer in this new leadership session based on her recent PhD research.

Thu, 21st Nov Event Info
Get outside and get sustainable!

Back due to popular demand! This jam packed day will provide opportunities to engage in some hands on fun, exploring aspects of sustainability and nature play.

Tue, 26th Nov Event Info
Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in schools and early learning in practice

This session is perfect for you if you have recently started OR completed your Reconciliation journey. With guest presenter Shona Reid, Executive Director, Reconciliation Australia

Wed, 27th Nov Event Info
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and engaging with culture

Learn about the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Explore opportunities to authentically engage with Aboriginal culture and communities within your service.

Wed, 27th Nov Event Info
Unpacking Privilege

Special event in collaboration with the Migration Museum. Come to learn about how privilege may unintentionally influence our work with children and families.

Tue, 17th Dec Event Info
Responding to Abuse & Neglect Education and Care Foundation Training (2018-20)

This session is run continuously throughout the year. click to go to a link that will take you to our registration page, where you can select a date and book your place.

Tue, 31st Dec Event Info