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An Educators Cooking Course - for OSHC

The course has been designed in collaboration with SCOFFED Cooking School to provide knowledge and skills to OSHC educators for them to run their own cooking classes

Wed, 19th Feb Event Info
Reflective practice: Working with infants and toddlers

Learn about the practice of critical reflection, discuss the unique aspects of working with children in the birth – two age group

Wed, 4th Mar Event Info
Treasure baskets

Are you looking for new ideas about how to actively promote the learning for infants in your centre? This fun and practical session will get you started on your way. (new session)

Wed, 4th Mar Event Info
Sensory Learning Environments – more than just gloop

This session will support your understanding of what sensory needs children have, and how this might look in your service.

Fri, 6th Mar Event Info
Exploring the lived experience of autism and neurodiversity

Come and hear occupational therapist Brianna Gourley as she explores autism and neurodiversity.*

Thu, 12th Mar Event Info
Talking Trauma in Early Childhood

Participants will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of trauma, its impact and how it manifests in children’s behaviour.

Wed, 18th Mar Event Info
Director's Breakfast: Creating engaging staff meetings

Come and learn about different tools, techniques and resources to use to ensure your staff meetings are engaging, relevant and useful.

Thu, 19th Mar Event Info
Aiming for Exceeding

This session unpacks the meaning of the Exceeding themes and will assist leaders to plan strategies to ensure the best outcome for their own site. (new session)

Thu, 19th Mar Event Info
How's your utilisation?

Spend the day learning simple marketing and digital marketing principles and techniques to develop a marketing plan that supports your service viability! (new session)

Mon, 23rd Mar Event Info
Introduction to the Framework For School Age Care for New Staff

Become more familiar with the learning outcomes, principles and practices and explore what this looks like in practice.

Tue, 24th Mar Event Info
Tree of culture

This is a creative, fun and thought provoking session to explore your beliefs and values in order to be able to set a clear vision for your service and team.

Wed, 1st Apr Event Info
Building your team through critical reflection

Through developing your staff’s reflective capacity and their skills in pedagogical conversations you can work towards a team that is collaborative and professional.

Wed, 1st Apr Event Info
Ways to authentically engage families and community (new session)

Come and hear from sites that have found innovative ways to engage families and the community in their programs in order to do exceptional work in Quality Area 6.

Wed, 1st Apr Event Info
Observations debunked!

In this popular session we will unpack and articulate the purpose of observations, gain insight into the when, how and what to notice and write about children.

Mon, 6th Apr Event Info
Building leadership capacity! What’s the big idea?

Are you a new team leader or assistant team leader in the sector? If so, then this session is for you! (new session)

Wed, 8th Apr Event Info
R for Responsibility, A for Accountability

How a team functions is dependent on both of these important factors. Come and find out how to ensure things get prioritised and actioned and ban the excuses! (new session)

Wed, 8th Apr Event Info
Director's Breakfast: Unpacking inclusion

Come and share ideas about inclusive practices that make a difference to the outcomes for children. (New session)

Thu, 16th Apr Event Info
Documenting learning: Making learning visible

This lecture developed by UniSA will explore pedagogical documentation and its purpose, elements, characteristics and how it links to an ongoing cycle of planning.

Thu, 16th Apr Event Info
Mentoring Early Childhood Teachers to reach full registration

Gowrie SA have teamed with CCCSA and the Teachers Registration Board in an exciting mentoring project, to support small groups of ECTs, to reach full teachers registration.

Mon, 20th Apr Event Info
Why do I need to pick a leadership style...can’t I just treat everyone the same?

Explore up to 6 different leadership styles, and then work out what it might look like when you apply each style when working with staff.

Tue, 21st Apr Event Info
Understanding children’s behaviour

Utilising the principle of reflective practice, this session will inspire and motivate you in your work to support children to make sense of their behaviour (new evening session)

Tue, 21st Apr Event Info
Understanding the neurobiology of developmental trauma

Would you like to understand developmental trauma and the impact it can have on children's behaviour? Would you like to learn practical strategies to better support children?

Fri, 24th Apr Event Info
Being an effective educator: Infant and Toddler

How do we ensure that we are planning effectively for infants and toddlers to support their wellbeing and development as well as document it? (new session)

Wed, 29th Apr Event Info
Moving from provisional to full registration - what do I need to know and do?

This session is for ECTs and Directors and is aimed at providing an overview of how to navigate the transition from provisional to full teachers registration. (new session)

Mon, 4th May Event Info
Reflective practice: The foundation of quality

Carla Rinaldi (2013) challenges us to establish the use of reflective practice as a collective and collaborative process within daily practice in our services.

Tue, 5th May Event Info
Programming Expo

Do you ever wonder how other services program for children? Are you struggling to demonstrate the cycle of planning or just need some inspiring new ideas?

Tue, 5th May Event Info
Circle of Security Parenting

Gowrie SA offers the Circle of Security Parenting program, consisting of weekly 1.5 hour sessions held over 8 weeks at our Thebarton site.

Thu, 7th May Event Info
Supporting new and emerging leaders

One person alone cannot lead an early childhood service. Leadership that is distributed throughout a service can provide the level of support necessary

Tue, 12th May Event Info
Director’s Breakfast: How can a SIP work with all the other centre priorities?

Developing a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) provides an opportunity to weave the centre priorities together. (New session)

Thu, 14th May Event Info
Developing a Reconciliation Action Plan

How to get started, discover resources to support your journey and consider ways to involve your team and community members as you begin your Reconciliation journey.

Mon, 25th May Event Info
Why visuals? Introducing visual strategies into early education and OSHC environments

This session, presented by speech pathologist, Claudia Bellardino, has been specifically developed for educators to better understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of visuals.

Fri, 29th May Event Info
What is my culture + Gowrie’s journey in incorporating Aboriginal perspectives in to the program

What is a culturally competent educator? Learn about how educators embed Kaurna words and songs in their daily work with children.

Tue, 2nd Jun Event Info
Director’s Breakfast: How to support your early childhood teacher

This session will focus on the role of the Director in working with an Early Childhood Teacher as they move from provisional to full registration. (New session)

Thu, 11th Jun Event Info
Responding to Abuse & Neglect Education and Care Foundation Training (2018-20)

This session is run continuously throughout the year. Click to go to a link that will take you to our registration page, where you can select a date and book your place.

Tue, 30th Jun Event Info