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Meaningful Observations: Notice, Recognise, Respond

Where do I begin with documentation? Let's break down the planning cycle!

Tue, 9th Mar Event Info
Unpacking the literacy and numeracy strategy

Explore and engage with the indicators in a practical way

Thu, 11th Mar Event Info
Re-gendering our learning environments

This 2 part session offers you a chance to engage in action research around gender in your classroom.

Mon, 15th Mar Event Info
Reflective practice - The foundation of quality

Carla Rinaldi (2013) challenges us to establish the use of reflective practice as a collective and collaborative process within daily practice in our services.

Wed, 17th Mar Event Info
I have been appointed educational leader - what next?

This session will support educational leaders to understand their role within the National Quality Framework.

Thu, 18th Mar Event Info
‘Becoming’ a new Director

‘Becoming’ a new director is exciting and challenging. We can set you off on a successful journey and ensure you have access to the tools and information needed.

Tue, 23rd Mar Event Info
Demonstrating the cycle of planning during assessment

We will explore the importance of each step of the planning cycle and identify ways to document and demonstrate this for each child and the group.

Fri, 26th Mar Event Info
Introduction to Torres Strait Islander culture, history and dance

Come and join Torres Strait Islander, Elder Uncle Eddie Peters, for an insight into Torres Strait Islander culture through an exploration of dance, history and language.

Mon, 29th Mar Event Info
Creating language rich environments

This session supports educators in their understanding of early speech and language development of young children.

Tue, 30th Mar Event Info
Your QIP after Assessment and Rating

Unpack your final Assessment and Rating report and use the valuable information to support your next round of QIP writing.

Tue, 30th Mar Event Info
How's your utilisation?

Spend the day learning simple marketing and digital marketing principles and techniques to develop a marketing plan that supports your service viability!

Thu, 1st Apr Event Info
Supporting children with trauma in OSHC

OSHC educators can be better prepared to work responsively with children affected by trauma when they understand trauma

Wed, 7th Apr Event Info
Observations debunked!

In this popular session we will unpack and articulate the purpose of observations, gain insight into the when, how and what to notice and write about children.

Thu, 8th Apr Event Info
Early Intervention - how to get the process started!

Starting intervention as early as possible is the best way to support the development of children with learning or physical difficulties.

Wed, 14th Apr Event Info
Talking Trauma in Early Childhood

Come and learn about the trauma, how it impacts on children and how we, as educators, can support children within our learning environments.

Fri, 16th Apr Event Info
Sustainability in Practice

Are you ready for a hands-on day? A chance to connect with other educators and hear about the sustainable practices happening at other services?

Mon, 19th Apr Event Info
Self-assessment for writing a QIP that works

Are you responsible for starting or renewing your QIP? Is your team engaged in this work? Self-assessment is where you start.

Tue, 20th Apr Event Info
Leading in complex times

Develop your capacities to be a strong, empathetic and visible leader so that you can bring out the best in your staff team.

Thu, 22nd Apr Event Info
‘Becoming’ a new Director part 2

Following on from the first of these sessions we look at more responsibilities of Directors' and how to mange your time, resources and people.

Tue, 27th Apr Event Info
Mental health in middle childhood (OSHC)

As an educator in OSHC you play an important role in the lives, wellbeing and mental health of the children attending your program.

Thu, 6th May Event Info
Documenting learning: Making learning visible

This lecture developed by UniSA will explore pedagogical documentation and its purpose, elements, characteristics and how it links to an ongoing cycle of planning.

Thu, 6th May Event Info
The value of meaningful social interactions

Come along and engage with peers in a thought provoking session that explores Interactions & how they impact on wellbeing and influence our day and relationships.

Fri, 7th May Event Info
An educator's perspective - incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures into a birth to three setting

Come and join Melissa Von Senden, a Narungga and Ngarrindjeri Educator working with infants and toddlers on Kaurna land here at Gowrie SA.

Mon, 10th May Event Info
Little Scientists: Air workshop

Bring fresh air into the room, catch soap bubbles and experience that air is so much more than ‘nothing’.

Wed, 12th May Event Info
Play based learning and intentional teaching

Identify strategies for intentional teaching or intentionality within your own pedagogy and consider ways to nurture children’s creativity and learning dispositions.

Wed, 19th May Event Info
Linking with literacy and numeracy for 5-6 year olds in early childhood

In this session we will explore communication between children, families and educators and its importance in literacy and numeracy development.

Mon, 24th May Event Info
Supporting new and emerging leaders

One person alone cannot lead an early childhood service. Leadership that is distributed throughout a service can provide the level of support necessary

Tue, 25th May Event Info
Woodwork and loose parts with That's Not Garbage!

Loose parts have become a familiar term in our planning and environments but why?

Thu, 27th May Event Info
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and engaging with culture

Learn about the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Explore opportunities to authentically engage with Aboriginal culture and communities within your service.

Tue, 1st Jun Event Info
Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in schools and early learning in practice

This session is perfect for you if you have recently started OR completed your Reconciliation journey. With guest presenter Shona Reid, Executive Director, Reconciliation Australia

Tue, 1st Jun Event Info
Understanding older children's behaviour (OSHC focus)

This session will inspire and motivate you in your work to support children to make sense of their behaviour whilst meeting your goals of building strong relationships.

Thu, 3rd Jun Event Info
Educator playfulness: A major factor in young children's play

How often do we as Educators, take time to think about creating lightness and enjoyment in the activities and environments we offer and share with the children?

Fri, 4th Jun Event Info
The human factor: How to communicate with your team

We communicate everyday - but do we communicate effectively? This session will look at using key skills and strategies to effectively communicate.

Mon, 7th Jun Event Info
Balancing the books: Financial management for directors

Are you responsible for managing finances in your service? Are you unsure about your responsibilities or where to seek help?

Thu, 10th Jun Event Info
How to 'do' literacy and numeracy authentically

This interactive session will have everyday literacy and numeracy experiences set up so participants can 'play' as well as learn.

Wed, 16th Jun Event Info
Kindy program in action - engaging children in projects

Learn how to develop project work that can engage children in deep and sustained learning across the curriculum through long and short term planning.

Fri, 18th Jun Event Info
Reggio Emilia principles in South Australian practice

How can we use the provocations from the Reggio Emilia approach to think reflectively and develop practices that support great learning for children?

Tue, 22nd Jun Event Info