Currently Gowrie SA RTO (4436) has on scope of registration:

CHCDIV001 - Work with diverse people

Gowrie SA (4436) is offering a unique 10-week pilot:

"Introduction to working in early education and care"

This will be starting on March 28th and is aimed at:

- school leavers

- those seeking a career change

- those returning from extended leave

- those wanting to see if a career in early childhood is the right 'fit' for them.

Student flyer here

Workplaces flyer here

We are holding free information sessions. To register, click on relevant link below:

For students:

Monday, 20th March 2023 6pm-7pm

Thursday, 23rd March 9:30am-10:30am

Thursday 23rd March 6pm-7pm

For workplaces:

Tuesday, 21st March 3:30pm-4:30pm

Please share this with those in your network who may be interested in this opportunity.

Information including fee structures, timeframes, enrolment information, RTO policies, student rights and obligations, prerequisites, venues, and modes of delivery are available on request.

Any enquiries regarding information or enrolment to study with Gowrie SA can be directed to: 08 823455219 or train@gowriesa.org.au

The complaints and appeals policy is available – please contact Gowrie SA as above for more information.

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