Circle of Security Parenting

About the Circle of Security Parenting program:

This 8 week course translates attachment theory in an accessible way for families, using group discussion and DVD examples. Circle of Security Parenting provides a roadmap to assist adults build stronger relationships with their children. The program is particularly valuable when family members participate together.

Covering a range of topics including:

  • How to interpret and understand your child’s behaviour
  • How to help your child organise their feelings
  • How to help your child feel secure in their relationships
  • How to help you discover the strengths in your child and in yourself
  • How to navigate your way in your role as a parent when times are tough
  • How to support your child in managing difficult behaviours, tantrums and meltdowns
  • How to approach and assist your child and yourself with the above.

Upcoming programs:

Please email Sharee at to be placed on the waiting list for courses in 2022.

Register Now ($200 per participant /$350 per couple)