Growing team knowledge about pedagogical documentation

‘How can we help children find the meaning of what they do, what they encounter, what they experience?’ and ‘How can we do this for ourselves?’ (Rinaldi, 2006)

Come and explore the resource Pedagogical Documentation: A South Australian Perspective and find out how pedagogical documentation can be used to inform practice in rich and meaningful ways. Find out how you can use this resource to support your team to understand and engage in writing quality documentation that demonstrates rich learning.

Links to Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

5.5 Report on student achievement
Report clearly, accurately and respectfully to students and parents/carers about student achievement, making use of accurate and reliable records.
5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning
Provide timely, effective and appropriate feedback to students about their achievement relative to their learning goals.
5.1 Assess student learning
Develop, select and use informal and formal, diagnostic, formative and summative assessment strategies to assess student learning.

Facilitator: Karen Winderlich

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