Woodwork and loose parts with That's Not Garbage!

Effective pedagogy using Loose Parts.

Loose parts have become a familiar term in our planning and environments but why? What pedagogy underlies their use and how can we become more intentional in our plans and activities. Join us on a virtual tour of our resource centre and ‘That’s Not Garbage’. Learn about ways to utilise the resources discovered.

What’s up with Woodwork?

Woodworking is an activity that provides enjoyment and learning. It can develop language, STEM learning, physical skills, creativity… and the list goes on. However it can also be an activity that educators are wary about. Find out about risk assessments, materials, resources and intentional teaching opportunities that will help you and your children enjoy more Woodwork!

Links to Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

3.4 Select and use resources

Facilitators: Cathy Cameron and That's not Garbage

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